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The film of my current state is Little Children
I have no idea what it is about, and I don’t want to. Sometimes it is best to go into a movie with no expectations. Even seeing the trailer might give away too much of the story to give you some preconceived notions that will affect how you view it.

Heres what I do know: I saw Jackie Earle Haley (Kelly Leak from Bad News Bears) on David Letterman last week. They made sure not to go too much into detail about what the movie and his part in it. They showed a trailer of him preparing for a date and talking to his mother. After the trailer, Letterman said something like ‘uh oh, I don’t even want to hint at what happens next.’   You can’t do that Dave… Contraband always makes me intrigued.

The trailers make sure not to tell too much about the film. Which is respectable. Unfort, they don’t even mention JAH in the trailer, which for me is a disgrace to a legend.